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Computer Repair

Camstars team of skilled technicians has over 15 years experience repairing and maintaining PC computers. Weather you have a hardware failure or your system is running slow, we can have you back up and running quickly.
Camstar offers in-Shop and on-Site service, we also offer pickup, delivery, setup and training to make sure you and your family get of on the right foot.

Viruses, spyware, malware and rootkit infections.

Many computer problems are caused by one or more infections and acan typically see a system running under 50% of its potential. Our technicians are experts at disinfecting compromised systems and networks without losing data; in most cases, software and user settings are retained as well.

Without proper security in place, a systems performance will begin degrading soon after having Internet access. Before replacing your system because of poor performance, let Camstar do a free system analysis to make sure your system is not compromised.

All of Camstar’s service work is guaranteed!


Camstar’s technicians can quickly assess your hardware performance issues and decide if upgrading equipment is more cost effective than a new acquisition. Our on-site service guarantees a minimum of downtime for you; out of business hour service is also available. We strive to provide honest and efficient solutions to your problems performed in a timely fashion.

We build long term relationships; our success depends on your success. Contact us today to see how Camstar can help at 416-574-6480!